So, you finally made up your mind to have a deck at your home. You have a budget in mind and you know where you would like your new deck but you are still thinking about what type of material and wood will be the best to use for your new deck. Let us have a look at what would be the best wood to use.  

Choose The Best Option for Your Needs 

At United Decking there are multiple materials and styles to choose from. But there are a couple of things to consider when you choose what wood to use. Consider the following when looking for the best decking wood.  

The material that your deck is made out of will have a huge effect on the overall lifetime and durability. Different types of materials and wood have different types of resistance to the elements. You should also consider things like rotting, moisture, the cost, and also insects that love themselves a wooden snack and home!  

If you are looking for wood that is very low maintenance and does not need cleaning regularly, composite wood might be a good option for you. Composite decking is very popular and is made from recycled plastic and wood fibres in it. It comes in a wide range of options and colours. United Decking will make sure you get the perfect type of composite wood that will suit your style. While they often cost more than wood, composite materials offer the promise of greater durability and less maintenance. 


This is also something to consider. Yes, yes. By now we know that global warming is bad and that we should live greener. But something we do not realize is the fact that not using eco wood has a profound effect on the areas where it’s harvested, including human rights abuses, hunting of endangered species, threatening the lifestyles and even the lives of indigenous tribes, as well as making countless rare and threatened creatures homeless. 


Wood is still the most common choice for deck material, but it doesn’t last forever and it can be very expensive if you think about all the treatments and maintenance involved.  Wooden decks and timber decks are beautiful too as it has a natural charm and raw beauty to them that will add elegance and style to any home. However, this type of wood can be very sensitive to the elements, so keep that in mind. 

Whatever wood you decide on you also need to keep in mind that this is a long-term commitment and that maintenance is a huge part of that. The sun, spillage, rain, and movement on your deck all leave marks and stains on your deck. You have to make sure you are using the correct cleaning methods and products for your type of wood. These are all the types of things to consider when you think of the best type of wood to use.  

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